3 Ways to Show Love this Valentine’s Day

//3 Ways to Show Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can easily become sappy, it doesn’t have to be! People show and receive love in lots of different ways. Dinner at a fancy restaurant might show just as much love as a single poem spoken out loud; it all depends on the person. Here are 3 ways to show someone you love them this Valentine’s Day!

1. Literally show some love! Sometimes actions do speak louder than words and this is the perfect time to act. And let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It’s for all relationships. Buy your coworker a heart shaped cookie. Make your significant other a love playlist. Indulge in some self-love by booking a massage.

2. Words are good, too. A heartfelt card to someone can sometimes be easier than saying it out loud. Actually send a card to an old friend to tell them you love them, for no reason than being your friend. A simple hand-written love poem with a some chocolates is a perfect gift for anyone. A spoken compliment can really make someone’s day, too.

3. Our best tip: be thoughtful. This is our best tip, because anything could be thoughtful to the right person. Take your significant other to the first restaurant you ate at. Offer help to a coworker just because. For a little self-love, take the day off and do whatever tickles your fancy (like gorging on as much chocolate as you want!)

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