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Month-End Reconciliation & Close Made Easy!

Our Customers Say It Best

“It’s pretty nice to see a software vendor that is so focused on customer service.”  – Accounting Manager

“We have transitioned to ART, this new reconciliation tool we are very excited about. The goal is to get efficiency, consistency, stabilization, and better SOX controls.” – Director of Finance

“It’s great not having to separately save the reconciliation and that everything is just saved as soon as data is entered.” – Accounting Staff

“I love being able to see on my dashboard what accounts are not started or in progress, and then drill down to see who owns them. It is so much better than our old process where I had to dig around and see whether users submitted a spreadsheet reconciliation.” – Director of Finance

ART is Intuitive to Use

ART is designed by accountants, auditors and those who have suffered through the pain of a manual financial close and account reconciliation process. We know what works for you because we’ve walked in your shoes. That is why ART is easy to understand and intuitive to use.

We soothe the fear of “new technology” by making your ART experience as close as possible to your existing process today.

Because let’s face it: in your accounting department, month-end reconciliations and the close have been done the same way for many (many!) years. It’s always hard to try something new, even if it’s good for you.

Easy Breezy Implementation

The companies that we work with can’t stomach a long and expensive software implementation.

The notion of “process improvement” can sometimes be a catch-22. The accounting department is way too busy. It’s hard to make time to implement process improvement ideas. And because no process improvement projects get done, there are no opportunities to free up resources in the department, and everyone stays way too busy.

We understand this, and that’s why we get ART up and running in two to five weeks – providing the least amount of disruption to the business. Our Classic Set Up uses your existing chart of account information and works with your systems without piling work onto your accounting and IT departments.

In many cases, ART can be set up without incurring any implementation fees, thanks to our non-disruptive and streamlined approach to product design and implementation support.

Good ‘Ol Fashioned Training

One of the biggest barriers to new process adoption is lack of proper training.

In a digital age where there seems to be generic, pre-recorded instructional videos for everything, it’s refreshing for our customers to be able to schedule individual and group training with a SkyStem specialist.

Training is most effective when participants are able to ask questions, discuss issues and interact with the instructor (and each other) right then, right there. That’s why we deliver training the old fashioned way – via living, breathing human beings!

Focus on Quality

Automation brings increased efficiency. However, we don’t stop here.

We also focus on helping your accounting team produce high-quality reconciliations through system checks, quality markers and other features that are unique to ART.

Account reconciliations are one of the most effective tools in determining balance sheet accuracy and detecting fraud. For CFOs and Financial Controllers, higher quality account reconciliations translate into more confidence in the financials and a better risk mitigation infrastructure for the organization.

Free Customer Support

Customer support is a cornerstone of how we deliver ART.

There are no extra fees and no special packages that our customers must purchase separately in order to access SkyStem’s customer support personnel. We stand behind our product. All SkyStem customers receive free and unlimited customer support.

Often, all it takes is a quick phone call to solve the issue and get on with your day.

We Challenge the Status Quo

ART is continuously enhanced in order to provide the best possible experience for our customers. With three to four new product releases each year, we consistently deliver new features that help you stay ahead of regulatory requirements. We listen to our users and frequently incorporate their feedback as part of ART’s ultimate design.

System Upkeep

Even though we adore technology, we build for non-technologists. ART’s system administration role is designed for accountant and finance professionals so that nothing feels overly “techy”.

Does this matter? Of course. The easier it is to maintain the system, the more time savings you can reap from automating your account reconciliation and financial close process with ART.