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Additional Resources

Account Reconciliations versus Roll-Forwards

A Tale of Two Recs: Reconciliations vs. Roll Foward

Think all balance sheet reconciliations are the same? Reconciliations are the real deal. Roll Forwards are just a weak substitute.

Happily Ever After – E-Book

Happily Ever After doesn’t just happen, except of course, in fairy tales. Hard work alone is not enough.
A month-end close that achieves a fairy tale ending is forged through discipline, teamwork, and the right tools.” Read the full e-book here.

Are Your Reconciliations Like a Box of Chocolates?

From reconciling to the correct GL balance, to having confidence in the remote offices’ reconciliations, do you find yourself wondering what each month has in store? See how one single change positively affects the entire process. Get the slides here.


Five Little Ways to Take Control of the Monthly Close

The monthly close, although it involves a lot of the same work each month, is getting more and more complicated. On top of this, the pressure to complete it faster continues. The work won’t go away, but changing methodologies will put time and accuracy on your side. Get the paper here.

White Paper: Are We Expecting Too Little?

There are three outdated beliefs about balance sheet account reconciliations that may be driving low management expectations on quality, productivity and cost. There is one step executives can take to improve quality of the entire close process. Get the white paper here.

8 Sins of a Manual Reconciliation

From roll forwards to printing out spreadsheets to account reconciliation coversheets with personal style that smack standardization in the face, we’re betting you can relate. Get the paper here