To All Ladies, from SkyStem — a Women Owned Business

//To All Ladies, from SkyStem — a Women Owned Business

Today we celebrate the power of women! It is not news that there is much to be said about the pink gender but let us remind ourselves once again how women can and do make a difference in the world today. In 2017, an article written by Time Money highlighted what it would be like for the economy if women took one day off – see the highlights below on what it would look like:

  • Half of the workforce would disappear
  • Median earnings would soar (because women bring the median income down)
  • Children would not learn much (most teachers are women)
  • 15% of the military would vanish
  • 15% of executives at companies would vanish
  • 4% of Fortune 500 companies would not have a leader (CEO)
  • College classes would be relatively empty (there are more women in classes than men)
  • 10,829 babies would not be born
  • There wouldn’t be doctors to deliver the babies
  • Household chores would be neglected
  • Most volunteers would not show up
  • Other industries dominated by women would be at a loss since women make up the following percentages of these professions:
    • 96% of all dental hygienists
    • 91% of all registered nurses
    • 84% of all cashiers
    • 60% of all accountants
    • 53% of all pharmacists

Let us take today to appreciate all that women do and see how you can contribute by doing simple things like:

  1. Make sure there is pay equality in your company
  2. Support a women owned business
  3. Contribute to a women focused charity
  4. Encourage your daughters/sisters/mothers to follow their dreams
  5. Invest in a woman entrepreneur
Happy Women’s Day!
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