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Winter—From the avalanche of end of year deadlines and automatic out of office replies to the sunlight disappearing quicker than you can finish your morning coffee – you seem to feel helpless. The harsh reality is, if you truly want work prosperity, you need to increase your value and in order to do that you must change your mindset. Whether you have worked at a company for over 10 years or have just started a new role, these steps will kickstart your productivity, shift your mindset and make your work more prosperous before you know it.

  1. Mindset: Start with redefining what prosperity means to you. When hearing the word prosperity, most people think about money. However, it’s not about your income, the money in your bank account/savings, or even how much you’re investing. Prosperity is about your personal growth and the success it brings to all parts of your life.
  2. Your Job: Your time at a job does not define your value in the role. It’s all about growing your skills and educating yourself on useful tools to better yourself as an individual, which compliments your role as an employee. If you aren’t learning anything new to help the company and have been repeating the same experience for over 10 years, you’re not adding any value to yourself.
  3. Shift Your Focus: You need to shift your focus from working hard on your job to working hard on yourself. By working on yourself, you are educating yourself and learning more skills that compliment your current role by bringing in new insights and experiences. Focusing on skills that only relate to your role prevents you from focusing on new experiences that could add value to your company and its customers by thinking outside the box.
  4. Change: By refocusing work on yourself, you are enabling yourself to change. By changing your skills and insights, everything in your environment around you will change. That project you’ve been stuck on? Instantly resolved with the new strategies you built from working on yourself. That prospect that just won’t budge? Won over because you were able to connect with them and really see their concerns. The strategies and tactics that you used before working on yourself will be altered with your growth by sharpening your skills and learning new ones.
  5. Personal Growth: FYI, personal growth has no age limit. You should always strive to grow and learn each day to continue your development. Just by immersing yourself in new experiences, you will notice an improvement over time and see how you underestimated your potential. By increasing your value, you will start to see the opportunities you have to increase your paycheck and stand out against your competition.
  6. Stop Comparing: Stop comparing your work and your role to those around you. The only person you need to be better than is yourself. By doing so, you’ll rid your mind of the negative side-effects from the jealousy and regret you’ve been dealing with all those years.
  7. Block Out the Noise: Our mind is our biggest enemy. We tend to push ourselves too hard by telling ourselves we should be more successful and know all the answers. We need to be easy on ourselves and understand that success takes patience. Stop with the negativity, grow from your mistakes, and move on.
  8. Add Up the Value: By working on yourself, you will quickly surpass your peers who are sticking to the status quo. You’ll see that your skills will start to advance you in your office with the new strategies you’ll bring to the table. You’ll also be surprised at how many more people you’ll be able to connect with now that you’ve added more skills under your belt.
  9. Don’t Procrastinate: These steps aren’t just going to start working right after you read this. Don’t wait until spring to start these goals, pull out your calendar and start today. Fun fact, it takes 21 days to form a habit and you have more than enough days until spring to get started.
  10. Self-Mastery: Finally, no matter what you want to achieve in life – it is important to take every skill you learned and apply it to your daily work tasks. If you want to create more prosperous work at your company, cut out the distractions and take action.
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