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Whether you’re new to web-hosted software, or a long time veteran in this space, it’s important to know that your critical business data is stored as securely as possible. Our customers are often heavily regulated and frequently audited, so data security is an utmost priority at SkyStem.

We go beyond the minimal requirements to ensure that data is safe at the physical level, network level, host level and application level. Unique username and password requirements, mandatory password expiration and strict privacy policy safeguards access to our sign-in portal. Visibility of data is governed through role-based access, which is controlled by the customer organization. Similarly, all user roles and passwords are managed by the customer.

Our customers’ data is hosted in world-class data centers (SOC 2 Compliant) and transmitted through encryption. The data centers are protected with proximity card readers, biometric scanning, fire detection and suppression systems and central alarms. Incremental and full back-ups are conducted regularly and stored offsite. Adequate measures are taken to ensure proper disaster recovery, data security and intrusion prevention and detection safeguards at all times, so that you get peace of mind. With SkyStem, plan on a secure and solid, faster financial close. Click here to schedule your demo today and experience a secure, crystal clear, faster financial close.

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