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If the holiday season is for giving, sharing and reconnecting with family, then why is there so much stress associated with such good things?! It is important to tune out the noise and focus on what the season is supposed to mean to you and imbibe that in the holidays. Follow these easy tips to survive the holidays:

  1. Streamline the Gift Giving – Implement a family gift giving rule that there should be no more than one gift per person and should not exceed a certain value (remember to consider a price point that everyone in the family will be able to afford).
  2. Take Notes – When you are around your family and friends, take notes regarding things that interest them, colors they like or their hobbies. This will make it much easier to buy thoughtful gifts now and in the future.
  3. Have a Potluck – If you are hosting the holiday party, make it easier on yourself and host a potluck! Pro-tip: DO NOT just ask them to bring any dish; make a specific request from each person so the table is balanced. If you are not hosting, be considerate and insist on bringing something even if the hosts don’t ask.
  4. Manage Your Emotions – Holiday gatherings can be stressful as you might be forced to see someone that you absolutely don’t care to see. However, remember that managing the situation is in your control. Try to avoid too much conversation with that person (or people) and if necessary step out and scream, but do not let it ruin time with the family.
  5. Be Ready to Mingle – When you have not seen people in a while or in the same type of setting, it’s surprising how some new connections can develop with people you already know. Time has a magical way of making old grudges fade away and also turning us into more adaptable people.


Have a stress-free holiday and look forward to seeing you back here soon!

Happy Holidays from all of us at SkyStem!

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