3 Ways to Show Gratitude this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the time of year for gratitude. In our fast paced working lives, it’s easy to only focus on the self instead of appreciating what others do for us.

You know the person that holds open the door for you? Or the cashier at your lunch spot that remembers your favorite sandwich? What about friends who lend an ear when you’re in a rough patch?  These are all scenarios where someone is helping you. This Thanksgiving here are a few ways to give thanks:

1. Thank You: Thank you is probably THE easiest ways to show gratitude, seriously. And we don’t mean one of those quite, under-the-breath thank yous. Say it and mean it. It shows that you care what the other person did for you.

2. The Small Things: Actions sometimes speak louder than words. Yes, open the door for someone, anyone! Remember your coworkers favorite drink and bring them one. Write a letter to your mom, an actual physical letter. Wouldn’t you be thrilled if you received any of these things?

3. Treat Yourself: I bet you didn’t expect this one. Gratitude for your self is very . This is a great time of year to look back and thank your past self for setting up your present. Think about how you can make changes in your life now which can help your future. Exercise now, your future body will love you for it. Get rid of those negative thoughts about yourself, you are perfect. Give yourself a compliment; it’s all too easy to pick out flaws instead of highlighting you’re best attributes.

Take some time this Thanksgiving to show appreciation for those around you. Your future self will thank you!
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