Top tips for getting through the summer

//Top tips for getting through the summer

During the hot days of summer, it can be challenging to remain productive at work. Longer days and warmer weather are prime for killing motivation. Here are a few ways to ensure you keep the work flowing during the summer.

  1. Change your work hours
    Some organizations offer employees ‘Summer Fridays’ meaning they can leave early on a Friday provided they get the work completed during the week. Talk to your manager or HR about piloting a similar program for your team. Knowing that you have extra time to enjoy summer weekends is a great way to stay motivated during the week.
  1. Learn something new
    Summer is a great time to try a new sport or pick up an interesting hobby. Having something to look forward to on your calendar can push you to complete your tasks on time so you can enjoy the nice weather.
  1. Spend time with coworkers
    It’s important to get to know your colleagues outside of the office. We spend so many hours of our life in the workplace we should use those relationships we make to stay energized. Plan a monthly lunch or a happy hour with your team to encourage more informal interactions.
  2. Try to get outside
    There is no reason you need to be trapped inside the office all week. If possible, try scheduling meetings outside or bringing your lunch to a local park. A breath of fresh air can give you that motivation boost before getting back to your desk!

Work doesn’t stop just because it’s summer. You can still be productive despite the beautiful weather. Keep your focus on the work at hand, take breaks, and make sure to reward yourself or have something lined up to enjoy!

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