Four Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

//Four Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

With the arrival of spring, winter is fast becoming a cold memory. The days are longer, the weather is nicer – and we’re quickly running out of excuses to not stick to our New Year’s Resolutions! It’s generally a great time to look at what you could be doing to declutter your mind and life.

In our recent webinar, we looked at the best ways to stay at the top of your game and to be a winner – and having a spring clean is an excellent method! Not only does it give you a sense of achievement and control, it sets you up for a cleansed and productive rest of the year.

So, we’re here with four ways to reinvigorate your life at work and home to get ready for another successful season.

  1. Get rid of your junk. Whether it’s at home or in the office, take inspiration from the decluttering trend that recently took the world by storm. Identify what’s meaningful and say ‘sayonara’ to whatever fails to give you joy (or is genuinely just not useful anymore). Ruthless, yes, but effective.
  1. Clean out your inbox. It’s the ultimate form of procrastination – who knew how satisfying it is to have everything so neatly organized? For a full run through on keeping your email organization game on point, have a look at our special blog post here.
  1. Meditate. Cut down on stress and win back some relaxation with this simple, soothing discipline. Research shows it increases productivity and reduces negativity, giving you more time and headspace to achieve your goals. Speaking of those…
  1. Set new goals. If you failed out on your New Year’s resolutions within the first two weeks, reassess and recoup your efforts. Promises made in the dead of winter may not seem so appealing now. Give yourself a shorter time frame and make things more manageable for yourself – what do you want to achieve by the summer?

There are endless ways you can spring clean your life, and these are just a few examples. But the essential thing is to see this as an opportunity to make positive changes and develop your personal goals, ultimately boosting your focus and happiness.

If you’d like more tips on being on top of your game, check out our recent webinar here.

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