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Electronic Document Management

In a perfect world, office paper would be used for two things only: fanciful doodling and hard-core origami. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world, where printouts, binders and papers dominate our desks each month. The problem with physical documents is that they can get lost or misplaced. Beyond that, how much does it cost to own physical documents, in terms of printing, storage, hand-off and transportation costs? These expenses, no matter how big or small, add no value to your process.

In addition, activities conducted on paper run the risk of backdating and manipulation. Keeping them in electronic format helps reduce the possibilities of such things happening. You want to have a lockdown on all the wonderful work that you do and make it extremely difficult to tamper with. You can use your memory for more important things than recollecting which email or binder carried the support that was emailed from your vendor. You need an online document repository for all of your work supporting account reconciliations and the financial close.

This is where ART can help. What happens when you adopt electronic document management in ART? First of all, you’ll become a hero to the trees. Secondly, you gain freedom – freedom from filing methodologies, from remembering which box has what, from stressing about whether someone is walking off with your document. Every document you’ll ever need from a close and reconciliation standpoint will be housed in ART's online document repository and be electronically accessible by multiple parties anytime. There will no longer be version control issues, or the need to wait your turn for “The Binder.” Printing activities will be minimized, and no more signing endless lists of documents!

But why stop here? ART can smartly manage your e-documents so that certain types of information – like prepaid invoices – can carry forward to future close periods, without the need for someone to re-attach them.

Pushing paper is a thing of the past. It’s administrative, inefficient, and harmful to the environment.

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