Pokémon GO! Now the biggest mobile game in US History!

//Pokémon GO! Now the biggest mobile game in US History!

You would need to be living under a rock for the past two weeks to not have seen or at least heard the latest phenomenon in town Pokémon GO! A smartphone app created by Japanese game maker Nintendo has already been declared the biggest mobile game in US history! Within three days of its release, Pokémon GO attracted more daily users than twitter and has been downloaded more times in its first week than tinder has in over five years.

So, what is it?
Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that uses real-world aspects and overlays the magical and somewhat deranged world of Pokémon in a ploy to get people out of their houses and exercising. The app, which is free to download, uses GPS to make an animated map of your neighborhood or anywhere you go. As you navigate around and become within range of a Pokémon you can ‘approach’ them and they will show up on your phone using the phone’s camera.

Confused as we are, here is a ‘pokeglossary’ to help us all:









Reference: CNN

Still don’t know what Pokémon GO is nor do you ever want to? We got you! A Chrome browser extension has been created to block all Pokémon-related content that will undoubtedly become unavoidable within the next number of weeks, months, who knows maybe years? Click here to block ‘em all!


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