Our top tips for keeping motivated this August!

//Our top tips for keeping motivated this August!

You generally start your day with a list, the items you ‘intend’ to cover for the day. Five o’ clock creeps in and you are immediately regretting all those coffee trips and casual ‘five-minute’ conversations with colleagues. Often times our minds are easily distracted and it becomes extremely hard to realign your focus with the job tasks at hand. Here are some tips to help you maintain productivity throughout the work day.

Do the Annoying Things First

As humans, there are ALWAYS things we procrastinate on, and letting them hang over you throughout the day is never a good idea. Try to handle the most mundane tasks first and then work on more exciting projects. Those small items need to be done eventually so it’s best to cross them off your to-do-list right away in the morning.

Go Incognito

It’s deadline week or day and the instant messages, social media updates, and co-worker life stories are all playing the background. How can I get away from all this?! It’s really very easy if you go incognito for the next hour. Phone is off and headphones are in so co-workers are not inclined to spark up a conversation.  For the next hour you are concentrating on the task in hand and not Bob’s Summer BBQ drama.

Break it Up

It is a fact that our brains can only be attentive for a limited amount of time. Segment your work into small, manageable pieces rather than working on the task non-stop. This will help you tackle the work with a fresh mindset. Breaking it up allows your brain to take a breather and switch off, even for 5 minutes.


Some people may disagree on this one, but sometimes there’s nothing better than putting on your favorite music and just working away. The key is to find the right music for the task.  It’s important that whatever genre you decide to listen to, the music can be easily filtered out while keeping the work ethic at full throttle.

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