How Product Demos Save You Time on Research and Evaluation

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Are you constantly dismissing invitations for product demos or canceling a demo last minute because you are skeptical about the hour spent online with the sales representative? Unfortunately, those dismissing the demos are missing out on the opportunity to see a quick preview of the product, be educated on new offerings and asking any questions from their very own desk. Rather than trying to navigate a product by yourself or Google the answers, you have all the knowledge of the product right in front of you with the help of the representative. Not to mention, you get a taste of the customer support and their knowledge to evaluate when comparing products and companies.

Often, we go to conferences and meet vendors that have what we need, but we are too busy to do the research and look for options. We gather the information and then never take the time to do anything with it. That’s when a product demo is your best option. A product demo is such a fantastic way to see what offerings are out there and an efficient way to evaluate.  In an era of an over-abundance of information with a quick Google search, it can be tough to make any decisions or have a real grasp of the offerings available. An hour of a product demo can save you hours spent on researching and evaluating the product on your own. You have the advantage of asking firsthand what the product has that others don’t. You also are able to see if the product is intuitive for your department and what specific features would benefit your team.

Demonstrations allow the opportunity to make informed decisions quickly. There’s a personal component as well as the meaningful dialogue that happens during the demo. This also opens the door to build rapport and see if there is a product/company fit. The buyer wants certainty that any pain points will be met by the product/service.  This is the start of a great working relationship.  Add in superior customer service and you’ve got a dynamic that would be tough to beat when evaluating other competitors.

The demo should be more about the conversation than the actual product.  The understanding within that conversation is what will propel the working relationship forward to the next stage and determine if the product company is right for you.


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