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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most beautiful and user-friendly enterprise close solution that customers love.


Our Mission

SkyStem strives to bring soul to software by providing intelligent and intuitive solutions that eliminate redundant work, and provide our customers the opportunity to focus on more dynamic and fulfilling work. We emphasize the human touch, so that customers get the best of both worlds --- cutting edge technology paired with fanatical customer service.


Our Values


  1. It’s all about you (customer focused)

    Our main purpose is to make our customers' lives easier and to do that we will go to all lengths. The satisfaction that we gain from a truly content customer is priceless. This means being responsive, alert and proactive with our customers.

  2. High expectations (we expect a lot from ourselves)

    We don’t ignore our customer’s calls, we don’t reply to emails days later, and we don’t wait to provide support. We value sincerity and ensure that everyone that works here has the same values which emanate out to our customers.

  3. It’s Worth it (we provide great value for the money)

    There is no similar software in the market that provides such good value for the money. For example, in many cases we are able to provide free implementation as we have designed an application that provides a solution to complex problem while remaining simplistic in implementation and usage.

  4. We say Yes (we try to find a solution for each problem)

    We focus on listening to our customers, to understand where we can help them. We strive to say “YES” as much as we can.

  5. Making work fun (we bring fun to the smallest detail)

    Without extracting joy out of our daily activities, such as doing outreach, developing thought leadership or giving demos, we would not be able to share that enthusiasm and responsiveness with our customers. We do our best to engage associates so that the good vibes flow to our customers.

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