Cathédrale_ND_de_Reims_ Allan Houston, Buck Williams, and Bob Buckingham – all neighbors – made my day. Last weekend I entered the fish market and a tall man had his hands filled with food to take out. I looked up and it was Allan Houston, a former basketball player with...
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Take the call.

Seven reasons why you should take a cold call:

1) It’s your job. Yup, believe it or not, it’s your job to take the call. Think of it this way, you are expected to stay ahead of the curve, to know what’s going on in your industry...
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Eliminate Absence

eliminate absenceAs a passionate and regular yoga practitioner, I am constantly reminded of the power of presence.  On the yoga mat it seems easy but then in the real world it’s a whole another story. Over time and with repetition, many of our day to day...
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