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Real Time Archiving

The workplace is becoming more and more demanding of us, which is why we need to demand more from our tools. The more powerful our tools are, the less work we have to do. It’s hard to stay competitive as an organization, when the accounting folks are still spending time on document administration. It’s like showing up to a fight with a butter knife, when everyone else brought bazookas.

Real-time archiving means not having to do extra work. Document archiving is happening as the work is being completed, and documents then become immediately accessible to other stakeholders. It means that when the close is done, there are no additional steps to:

  • Print
  • Check to see if something is missing from the shared drive
  • Delete previous versions of stuff
  • Make sure everything got signed
  • Manage access to directories
  • Create binders
  • Ship documents for storage
  • Search for that invoice or that analysis or that report

Best in class companies are investing in technology to get rid of this kind of low-level work. The accounting team’s talents are too valuable and should be directed to activities that can strategically propel the company forward.

Once you automate your financial close, you too will say "very cool" once you see that ART has established the financial close workflow for you and then acts as a centralized document repository which can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Schedule a demo today and see how SkyStem's ART makes real-time archiving a byproduct of financial close automation.

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