Being an ARTist

Real-time account reconciliation

Dashboards populated with real-time balances and real-time status views allow the entire accounting team, from management to staff, to track the financial-close progress and perform analysis instantly. ART’s powerful, yet easy-to-generate reports let you securely access current and prior period data, to include review notes, at any time and from anywhere. Reports are available in multiple formats and can be emailed, archived or signed off straight from ART. Schedule your demo today.


Strengthen processes and internal controls

Replace manual controls with automated internal controls in ART. Whether your organization is publicly traded or privately held, compliance becomes easy when ART manages the reconciliation process for you. Our workflow keeps your team on task and on schedule during the month-end close. System reconciliation kicks in upon meeting thresholds set by management. Rules, alerts and reminders ensure timely execution of activities, reviews and reporting. Schedule your demo today.

Issue financial statements with confidence

Balance sheet reconciliation is not only the most effective way to prevent and detect financial reporting fraud, it’s also a key internal control to safeguard the accuracy of the financial statement. With ART’s help, you’ll know that your last line of defense is as strong as it can possibly be. Schedule your demo today.


Get started faster and close faster

No lengthy implementation and expensive hardware to purchase. Deploy ART quickly and efficiently over the web and start reconciling accounts in ART in just a few days. ART is designed to harmonize with your existing account reconciliation and financial close process, so there is no complicated technology to deploy or learn. Whether your organization is on one ERP or multiple financial systems, ART can work smoothly with your existing accounting software. Schedule your demo today.

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