April is National Poetry Month!

//April is National Poetry Month!


April is National Poetry Month! It also happens to be the time of the year that many of us (not just accountants!) have taxes on our minds. Whether you’re celebrating a big return or the extra two days to file this year, check out our collection of odes, sonnets, and verses dedicated to none other than tax day.


Ode to the IRS
By Marsha Hood

It’s April, I can’t stand the tension

Crunching numbers to file an extension

I can’t make a dent

Like the top one percent

It’s taxing to not have a pension


A Sonnet for Tax Day
By Linda Mitchell

In this, the anxious time of year

When taxes loom before our eyes,

I sit with Marketplace in my ears

And ponder payments as advised.

But hark! My notebook within which

My logged expenses I do pen,

Doth now provide the needed stitch

That saves my time no matter when

I do my taxes, logged into

Computer programs made to bring

Me peace of mind, and refunds too,

In hours mere, Tax done! I sing.

The lesson here I hereby teach:

With records clear, you wont overreach.


Ode to Tax Payers
By Carol Stahl

The kids are in school

the firemen fight fires

the bridges stand sturdy

the pot holes are filled

the hungry are fed.

Every April we show what we value.

Paying our taxes tells who we are.


Another ode to the IRS
By Joan Berly

Leave it behind –

troubles and scam.

No money in pocket –

No taxes advance!


By Michael Panhorst

Money now

Money later

Stock your I. R. A.



By John Baglio

Where’s my tax refund?

The feeling of found money

Sweet self-deception.


By Cyrus Khan

Alas, ’tis the time to file my tax

Let’s see if I can deduct the max

The IRS I’m sure is twiddling their thumbs

Maybe this time I’ll throw them a few crumbs

Should I file myself or use the pros?

With each passing minute my anxiety grows

Hours on end I work for uncle Sam

Sometimes it feels like one big scam!

It’s time to bid farwell to all my money,

Won’t have a penny to take out my honey,

I should fear not, be happy and stand tall,

Maybe I’ll get a check to party at the mall!

No use huffing and puffing day in and day out,

Everyone pays no matter what their clout,

Sigh,for taxes are here forever to stay

Toil away, pay your share and just move on I say!


Tax day haiku
By Kari Lawrence

Too poor to pay in

Behind in my student loan

No refund for me


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