Monthly Archives: November 2016

5 ways to show gratitude this season…

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the month of November is always a very popular time for talking about gratitude. Here at SkyStem, we have dedicated this week’s blog to highlight a few ways you can show gratitude not just around the holidays but every day.    
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The Next Generation of Accountants

financial_accountant_mug_i_love_month_end_mug“This is a pivotal time for the accounting profession. Accountants have traditionally been in the background, providing historical financial information. In turn, investors and analysts have had to have the ability to read financial statements and derive the story. However, accountants possess more than data. They have...
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Auditing “The Accountant”

accountant_09413Warner Bros.’ newest action film features an unlikely protagonist whose typically low-profile role gets a dose of danger and excitement both in and out of the conference room. Yes, we’re talking about “The Accountant.” And while we all know that CPAs (hopefully!) do not cook the...
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